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CIC Income Protection PLUS – For Members

If a disability due to sickness or injury renders you unable to work and without a paycheque, how will you pay for your mortgage, utility bills, groceries and other expenses? Income Protection PLUS can help replace lost income so that you don’t have to worry about financial difficulties, allowing you to focus on recovery. This is an essential element of any financial plan.


Member Rates

Your CIC membership offers you an exclusive opportunity to purchase CIC Disability Insurance: Income Protection PLUS at low group rates:

Monthly Premium for Each $100 Unit of Income Protection PLUS
Age Elimination Period1
30 Days 120 Days 180 Days
Under 30 $1.00 $0.80 $0.75
30 to 34 $1.15 $0.85 $0.80
35 to 39 $1.35 $1.05 $0.95
40 to 44 $1.70 $1.40 $1.35
45 to 49 $2.55 $2.10 $2.05
50 to 54 $3.90 $3.15 $2.95
55 to 59 $4.85 $3.95 $3.80
60 to 642 $4.35 $3.40 $3.20

1 Elimination Period means the number of days that must elapse after the commencement of each period of Total or Partial Disability before any Monthly Income Benefit is paid.
2 Rates for those aged 61 and older are for renewal only.


How much coverage do you need?

It’s best to choose an amount of coverage based on your current salary and expenses. However, the maximum total monthly benefit you can apply for is the lesser of:

– $5,000 per month (50 units), or

– 60% of your gross Earned Income, less any other disability insurance in force or applied for (not including Canada or Québec Pension Plan benefits), and less any Earned Income continued by your employer or partnership, rounded to the next highest $100.


Plan Features

CIC Income Protection PLUS offers members up to $5,000 in monthly disability benefits and a lump-sum benefit of up to $500,000 in the event of accidental dismemberment, paralysis, loss of sight, speech or hearing. Other features include:

Tax-Free Benefits
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Benefit payments received by you are tax-free so long as the premiums for this coverage are paid by you, not your employer or partnership.

Automatic Extension
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If you travel or take up residence outside Canada or the United States, you may continue this coverage for six months.

Optional Cost of Living Adjustment
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This option provides an increase each January 1st to a maximum of 4%, provided you have been receiving Income Replacement Benefits for at least 6 months prior to that date. If chosen, the Cost of Living Adjustment must be added to all units of coverage applied for.

Optional Cost of Living Adjustment Premiums
Additional Monthly Premium Per Unit
Under 45
45 to 64


Plan Details

Benefits are not payable for loss resulting directly or indirectly from self-inflicted injury, voluntary involvement in a criminal offence or riot, war or insurrection and uncomplicated pregnancy and childbirth.

Each unit of Income Protection PLUS is composed of a $100 monthly Income Replacement Benefit and a lump-sum Accident Benefit of up to $10,000.

Total Disability
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Total Disability benefit payments begin after the chosen elimination period and are payable to age 65 or to recovery, whichever is sooner. You will be considered Totally Disabled if, due to sickness or injury, you are unable to perform any of the normal duties of your regular occupation; and you are not gainfully employed; and you are under the care of a licensed physician.

Partial Disability
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Partial Disability benefit payments begin after the chosen elimination period or after 90 days, whichever is later. If Partial Disability immediately follows a period of Total Disability during which benefits were received, Partial Disability benefit payments can begin immediately. You will be considered Partially Disabled if, due to sickness or injury, you are unable to perform any of the normal duties of your regular occupation but you are either performing some of those duties for income or are gainfully employed in another occupation.



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