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CIC Term Life Insurance – Member & Spouse

Life insurance is not so much about life ending as it is about life going on for the people left behind. Unfortunately, it’s one of those things that can be at the bottom of your to-do list or, worse, not even on it.

Don’t delay reviewing your insurance needs. Make sure to have enough protection to avoid leaving your family vulnerable to financial difficulty should you no longer be there to help.

Consider the many ways CIC Term Life Insurance can help you protect your loved ones:

  • Ensure your family is able to maintain the same standard of living if you are no longer there
  • Pay off mortgage and other debt
  • Leave an education fund for children and/or grandchildren
  • Provide financial support and/or retirement fund for your spouse
  • Provide an inheritance for those important to you
  • And much more


The CIC Term Life Insurance Plan is a cost-effective solution that is available to both you as a CIC Member and your spouse.

The Plan’s incredibly low group rates are available exclusively to you as a Member and are not available to the general public.


Member Rates

Monthly Premium for Each $25,000 Unit of Term Life Coverage
Age2 Non-smoker1 Standard (Smoker)
Male Female Male Female
30 & under $1.10 $0.82 $1.60 $1.40
31 to 35 1.28 1.00 1.90 1.60
36 to 40 1.76 1.44 2.60 2.26
41 to 45 2.76 1.98 4.00 3.50
46 to 50 4.50 3.26 6.06 5.26
51 to 55 7.00 4.98 9.26 8.20
56 to 60 10.30 7.52 13.70 12.10
61 to 743 15.16 11.06 20.20 17.76
75 and up Premium-free coverage
(Insurance Continuation Benefit)

1 Non-Smoker rates apply to people who have not smoked cigarettes in the past 12 months and who meet Manulife Financial’s health standards. Once insured, you must notify Manulife Financial of any change in your smoking status.
2 Age for the calculation of all benefits means attained age at the policy anniversary date of May 1st. For Member and Spouse Term Life Insurance, premiums increase with age after coverage begins.
3 Rates for those aged 61 and older are for renewal only.


How much Term Life coverage do you need?

Only you can decide how much coverage is right for you, based on your family’s unique financial situation. However, experts recommend that couples purchase enough coverage to replace their household income for 7 to 10 years to ensure their family’s needs.


Plan Features

The CIC Group Insurance Plan lets you and your spouse choose the amount of Term Life coverage you want, from $25,000 to $750,000 each. This coverage includes many valuable benefits and other plan details – learn more below.

Death Benefit
Drop-down arrow
Payable upon the death of the insured member or insured spouse. Benefits are not payable for suicide if it occurs within 2 years of the effective date of coverage or the date of last reinstatement or any increase in coverage.

Living Benefit
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You can apply to receive an advance of up to 25% of the Term Life coverage that has been in force for at least two years (to a maximum of $50,000) in the event of a diagnosis of terminal illness.

Waiver of Premium
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If you become totally disabled before age 65, you need not worry about premium payments. Your insurance will be kept in force, free of charge, following a three-month waiting period.

Other Coverage Details
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Beginning at age 66, coverage reduces by $2,500 per unit each year through age 74. Beginning at age 75, an Insurance Continuation Benefit takes effect and you are covered for $2,500 per unit of Level Term Life coverage you hold – with no further premiums to pay – for the rest of your life.





CIC Child Term Life Insurance

Nobody likes to think about anything happening to their children. But it can be wise to think ahead so you can focus on care and support, rather than financial matters. Child Term Life Insurance can do its part to help ease your mind.

This benefit provides $5,000 of life coverage for each eligible child, regardless of the number of children. Once Child Term Life coverage is in force, newborn children are automatically covered upon reaching the age of 15 days.

Monthly Premium for Child Term Life Coverage
$5,000 benefit for each eligible child,
regardless of how many




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